Angular concentration game #6


This project has taken more then what I’ve intended. In this project, I am creating a memory game called concentration. There are several versions of concentration game. But I’ve implemented the simplest one.

The Game

  • There 2 pairs of cards with number 1 to 8.
  • The cards are laid face down.
  • Each turn, the player click a pair of cards to flip.
  • If the pair matches, the player score points.
  • If the pair is not matched, the pair of cards turns back to face down.

It is a pretty simple project. But it had taken me more time than I should have because I have overcomplicated the overall game design.

Following are the steps I’ve taken to develop the game.

Design game engine

  • Card object
    • cardNumber
      • A string value which will be used to compare between two cards for similarity
    • image
      • A URL to image resource of the card
    • isFaceup
      • To keep track of the current state of the card
    • done
      • To keep track of whether the card is already matched
  • Deck object
    • cards
      • An array of card objects
    • shuffle( )
      • Shuffle cards
    • flipDown()
      • To put all the cards in the deck face down
  • Game object
    • score
      • current score of the player
    • move
      • total number of moves made by player
    • match
      • total number of matched pairs
    • deck
      • a deck to play
    • deal( )
      • call shuffle of the deck
    • checkScore( )
      • compare two cards which are facing up for similarity

Provide game functions in service

Create a service called game. Inside the game.service.ts file define two functions as follow:

  • createDeck(count: number)
    • Create and return a deck of card with the provided number of cards
  • getGame(deck: Deck)
    • Create and return a game object using the provided deck


  • CardComponent
    • Uses card object as the data model
    • Implements flipping on click event
  • GameBoardComponent
    • Uses a list of CardComponents to create the game board to play

Design game board page

  • Create simple and ugly page to stop myself from wasting too much time fiddling with CSS and colors

Lesson learned: Keep it simple and stupid.

Live project link: