Focus productivity with Kanbanflow

We are getting more and more busy each day without accomplishing much. When we are not busy, we get distracted by other people, devices and even cats on the internet. We end up feeling exhausted at the end of the day without getting nearer to our life long goals, without finishing off our side projects and without writing as much as we should. We only have 24 hours a day and It is important that we spend them on the tasks that really matter. There are many productivity tools out there which can help you get more things done, but I found the tool call  Kanbanflow to be simple and very effective.

Kanbanflow combines the ideas of Pomodoro™  technique and Kanban board. It helps me visualize the important tasks I need to carry out during the week and focus on each tasks by using Pomodoro™ technique. The default Kanbanflow board has 4 columns named __ To-do, Do Today, In Progress and Done. You can add or remove columns as you like. Kanban board helps you manage the tasks visually. Built in Pomodoro™ timer allows you to focus on current task and track the time spending on it. Your productivity can be measured not only by the tasks you have completed but also by how many Pomodoro™ periods you have done for the day. You can also review how long did it take for a task to finish.

The simplest way to use Kanbanflow is to create a list of important tasks in To-do column. Each morning, plan your day by assigning the tasks from To-do column into Do today column. Move the task you are going to do next to In progress column. Use Pomodoro™ timer to work on them. When you finish a task, move it into Done column. If you like to plan for the week, add columns for each day of the week and put tasks in there.

I am a very happy user of this tool now and I can plan and execute my important tasks better than before. Do give it a try if you haven’t done so.


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