CrushPlan Saved The Day

Today when I turned on my Z800 Workstation PC at work, it won’t start. There was no beeps, no display and no warning, just a blank screen staring at me while the power was on and the fans were running inside. I tried turning on and off the power a few times with no luck.

There are regular data processing tasks I need to run for the day and they can’t wait until the pc is repaired. Usually it takes a few weeks just to repair a pc in my company. It seemed like I am in deep shit and it’s only Monday!  Instead of panicking, I simply logged in to another computer in the office and restored the data required for the project I am working on. It took about 5 minutes to restore and I started working on my scheduled tasks for the day.

This is all possible thanks to CrashPlan from code42. It is a great backup software with very useful features. It is very easy to install, setup and configure. Please go to the product web page for more details.

The best feature I like and which saved me big time today is the ability to back up to your friends/coworkers computers. They provide paid service – cloud back up plan for unlimited storage space. I just use free feature which allows me to backup to another computer. And it worked great and left me with very satisfying experience. I would recommend this hassle free software if you are not already using anything yet.

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